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Hello, everyone! I am Ryson, and I love working on bikes and cars.

It all started when I was a kid, repairing and painting bicycles. I did not have any of the big tools; but just a few spanners bought by my Dad with which I would dismantle the bicycle, repair it and paint it with a paintbrush, at this time spray gun was not in my dictionary.

However, as I grew up, I got drifted away from my strong interest in painting. So, I focused on my studies instead. By the time I completed school, I met a girl who later on became my girlfriend. I was determined to earn money for our bright future.

My family was neither rich nor poor, but money was an issue at home.  I did not know then what I wanted to do, so my parents suggested that I get in the hotel industry.

So, I started working as a waiter in a hotel. Not long after that, I got a job as a dishwasher on a cruise liner until I changed my department. All of these were out of my interest but it paid enough.

I was on the cruise liner for ten long years, and in those ten years, I got married to the same girl I fell in love with. After three years of our married life, we got the fruit of our love, and a baby boy was born. I was so happy that I did not want to go back to the ship anymore. I just could not leave my family for a long time.

It was the time when my interest in painting resurfaced. I started to surf the internet as to how I could start my own business because I really wanted to stay with my family while working, until I found Sir Sandeep Maheshwari on YouTube, and it gave me a strong aim in life.

Life started to have directions, then. So, I decided to do one more contract on the cruise liner to save some money so that I could use it to buy all the tools necessary for spray painting.

When I came back home after my last contract, I immediately started working on my wife’s bike. I poured everything and did my best on the bike, and I even messed up many times. But, it did not stop me because Sir Sandeep Maheswari’s sessions really inspired me.

There was no looking back after that, I just went on improvising myself and in the end, got just amazing results. I realized that’s what you get when you don’t give up. The bike looked almost as good as new!

When I was on the ship, I bought a course on spray painting because in India, there is no such courses where we get to learn spray painting. So now, I will help people to learn spray painting in simple ways just as how I learned it.

I decided to make a step-by-step process from start to finish on one single bike, and also have

that process on video for you to easily watch and visually learn the process. We will be using one of my personal Suzuki scooters for this example.

I am working on Suzuki esteem car at the moment. So, what do you say we get into the meat of this manual!

P.S. I just really want to start off by saying thank you, really! Thank You for your interest and passing through my website. I really hope you enjoy and learn something from the contents. It took me months to put all this together in an easy to follow, do it yourself type of thing.

ENJOY the course!


What we do for you

Ryson spends lots of time to contribute to this site which results in giving you the best and accurate knowledge and information with regards to Do It Your Self auto body repair and spray painting. We provide from beginner/advance automotive enthusiasts like you with a well designed step by step lessons, making it simple for you to learn automotive painting in your spare time from home.

We don’t expect you to know much about automotive painting or customization before you begin,we take a simply but effective approach to teach you how to complete custom paint jobs, restoring classics, or rust repair and more, you will never find yourself lost while learning.

and because all of our courses are streaming within the members area, you can watch and learn from anywhere and anytime.



I have started this course especially for people like me who wanted to learn spray painting and for people who want to paint their own vehicles by themselves, as you know that there is very less knowledge about this topic in the Indian market.

I have struggled a lot to get information about the painting, but actually, there is nobody who really wants to share anything about their skill.

I finally managed to get some people to whom I paid to get useful information about spray painting and so I started with “Auto Spray Paint Learning” to answer all the questions and problems which you are facing.

In this course, I will share some of the important information which you will need to start off with the spray painting. If you follow instructions from this course for sure, you will be able to accomplish painting your vehicle flawlessly, and it will even improve your skills.

Spray painting is not as easy as you think it is, if you are really interested in it then only you should jump further in this course.

It is not just about spraying the paint, the more important part of painting is the preparation on the surface for painting, once you have prepared the surface well then only you can get good results, believe me even a slight flaw in your prep will show once you spray the paint.

So the moral is you will need lots of patience while doing this, you will get errors, you will mess up somewhere, but that is the part of learning, if you mess up somewhere that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to do it, I have messed up many times and I have learned well from it, believe me, this mess will make you a better painter.

This guide will give you all the information that you will need to do basic bodywork like removing the dents, laying the primer, sanding the surface for painting and laying the clear coat.

The major topic I want to discuss here is safety, most people neglect this topic and then finally end up in a hospital, and that is the end of their carrier. Make safety your first priority as you will be dealing with harmful chemicals here so make sure you protect your lungs and hands properly, always wear respiratory mask and gloves while handling paints, thinners, reducers, primers, hardeners, and clear coats etc. and of course, use your common sense.

Preparing the body for painting is the most important stage in any paint job, if you did not prepare your body well then for sure that you will not get good results.

This course can take you to the professional level if you follow each and everything from it carefully.

It is a complete step by step guide on how to spray paint your bike, car or just anything else. The process is the same for everything, you just have to know the right process and paint like a professional.

This course will cover topics on:

  • Safety
  • Tools you will need
  • Body preparation
  • Applying putty
  • Laying primers
  • Spray painting tips and tricks
  • Colour sanding and buffing
  • And many many more….

The simple Spray Painting Multimedia Course training EVER

you will not feel lost any more

Yes, our Star Membership is NOT just a DVD course or a bunch of unorganized videos. We give you access to a ‘like minded’ real community of people just like you. You can access our private forums or our private Facebook group and ask any specific question that you have about your project and get the instant feedback and tech help that you need.


FACT! 80% of auto body and paint work can be done by hand!. If you’re starting on a tight budget the only major tools you need are…

1. An air compressor 140 – 240 Liter is ideal when starting out.
2. Cheap spray gun. Your cost about Rs 15000. for a pretty good one too!
3. Your paint materials which include your sand papers, fillers, primers, and paint.

and that cover most of it.

In all, we are one step away getting you prepared in fixing ANY PROJECT You desire. Feel free to bookmark this site and come back often. We constantly add more content to the site, Make sure to go about the site and see what our Star Membership Section has to offer you. You may be in for a big surprise.

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